In DEVOZY, we have DEVOPS Tooling expertise to help install and Configure various DEVOPS Tools and make it up & running for global Enterprise clients. Our DEVOPS experts are familiar with niche open source DEVOPS tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, ELK, GitHub, Kubernetes (K8S), Docker, Elastic Search, Kibana, Maven / Gradle, CheckMarx, Junit, Cucumber, Selenium, Red Hat OpenShift, Grafana, Nagios, JMeter, Gitlab, Ansible, Chef and Puppet to support your application deployments, testing, code scan & CICD setup. The DEVOPS tool can be setup & support in any kind of infrastructure such as on-premise / public cloud / private cloud platforms.

Also, Our DEVOPS team expertise in setting up zero-downtime CD solution such as Blue-Green deployment using Kubernetes & Repository management tools (Nexus, JFrog, DocherHub). Blue-green deployment is a technique makes Zero downtime, reduces availability issues and proven reliable / highly available platforms by running two identical production environments called Blue and Green.

Our team helps to automate Infrastructure provisioning such as application environment creation, patching, software installation etc., using Ansible, Chef and Puppet (IAC tools). We have DevOps experts in our team to help setup from scratch and support End-to-End the deployment process. Our engineer also will help to tweak, if any changes needed in the future and also trouble shoot, if any changes during tool's integration. We support any infrastructure either on-premise or public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) or any private cloud platform and combinations also. We do quick turnaround in setting up the tools / ECO system and quickly make it up and running in your infrastructure.

DEVOZY specializes in DevOps tooling, offering installation and configuration services for global enterprises. Proficient with niche open-source tools like Jenkins, SonarQube, Kubernetes, Docker, and more, DEVOZY supports application deployment, testing, and CI/CD setup across diverse infrastructures. The team excels in advanced practices such as zero-downtime CD, using Kubernetes and repository management tools. Automation is a priority, achieved through Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, while ongoing support ensures adaptability. Swift implementation and transformative solutions enhance efficiency across various infrastructure environments.



DEVOZY is a seasoned expert in DevOps tooling, dedicated to optimizing deployment processes for global enterprises. Proficient in a wide range of open-source tools, we specialize in seamless application deployment, testing, and CI/CD setup. Our mastery extends to advanced practices like zero-downtime CD solutions and infrastructure automation. Whether your infrastructure is on-premise, in public clouds, or private cloud platforms, our swift implementation and ongoing support ensure efficiency and success at every step of your DevOps journey.